History has the Greatest Stories

Many events in history are stiched together. The world today is linked with a series of events that took place in time.
These events form great stories. It will take ages to read them all. This website provides you a glimpse of it for you to explore further.

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Civilizations began from the river banks

The early civilizations were all formed around the fertile lands of the river valleys. These river valleys are The Tigris and the Euphrates rivers, The Nile, The Indus and its tributataries and The Yantze and Yellow rivers.

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Indus Valley Civilization - One of the greatest Civilizations

During the period 3000 BCE and 2000 BCE, the Indus Valley Civilisation florished. It had a developed society. It had cities where business were conducted.

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Religions of the World
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A Brief History of Religion

Religion might have existed from the time humans existed but their history can be traced back to the times when writing was invented

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